About me

So just a little bit more about my background and who I am!

I’m from Ireland, but living in England since 2018 with my hubbie and our two little ladies. I’ve over 10 years experience in a senior position in the corporate world (mortgages) and mentored and trained many staff throughout this time. I took redundancy in 2013 and went back to college to study a degree and completed my finals when my first born was 13 months – it was full on but I managed and learned so much about myself during this time!

I’ve worked in Community Outreach for a charity, in an area to combat social isolation helping individuals to move forward within the community and building on that confidence in a supportive, calm and encouraging environment, through coffee mornings/workshops and project work. I trained volunteers for the befriending services the outreach programme offered

Creative outlet

I enjoy writing, drawing and have written articles for wellbeing magazines; sharing my own tips and experiences with confidence, anxiety and stress. I’m a published poet and you will notice my own poetry dotted throughout my blog. I’m a lover of writing as a creative outlet; the benefits to your mental wellbeing from putting pen to paper when you let those creative juices take over. Try it out, you’d be surprised at how cathartic writing can be!

Travelling and my adventurous side!

In the early 2000’s I was big into backpacking and loved experiencing new cultures and meeting people (my closest friends were met through backpacking) I’ve travelled all over Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific, America and South America. Getting that backpack out and exploring made me really grow as an individual, and the adventurous side in me was fond of the auld bungee jumping, sky diving, snorkeling, scuba diving and skiing!

Blast of fresh air

Who doesn’t love a good blast of fresh air to blow away those cobwebs as you soak up the outdoors and absorb the beauty of nature!! It’s free and a great way to release any stress, especially when you become mindful and tune into your surroundings by using your 5 senses.

Go out and explore

Enjoy the present moment

And being still

So there you go, that’s me in a nutshell and I look forward to hearing more about you!

Believe in yourself and your capabilities as you deserve to feel happier, confident and to thrive in life.

Bernie xx