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Poetry book reviews

Hello you!

So, with poetry being a “big” part of my I’ve bought many books: accumulating my fair share during g COVID (to get a feel for the different styles and to learn more about the art)

So I’ve picked a few of my favourites; and all for very different reasons.

Billy Collin’s work is witty and bursting with imagery. His conversational style makes it so enjoyable to read. A poem could have you laughing your heart out and pulling at those heart strings at the same time. His poems take you on a journey full of surprises. I LOVE his work and it’s no surprise he was appointed Poet Laureate twice.
This gorgeous anthology is relatable in so many ways from such raw, honest, heartfelt and beautiful accounts on motherhood! I’m part of this beautiful writing group (the mum poem press) who published this collection and it’s a great community of mums sharing experiences and learning about different poetry forms.
Oh Seamus Heaney, what can I say about a  poet who has written beautifully about the landscapes of Ireland, his childhood, his children,  love and loss.  Being Irish, his work transports me right back to many of my own childhood memories, especially being from the country myself. This collection (selected by his family) is filled with his greatest poems and many I remember studying in secondary school.
Stunning poetry/prose collection! Full of soulful, heartfelt poems. Covering love, heartbreak and growth. Taking you on a journey of self discovery. I love this book and is also the poets first collection.
This little book of inspirational quotes from an amazing poet is full of reminders on love, strength and empowerment. Full of inspiration to dip in and out of.
I’m still working my way through this lovely collection ( a gift from my lovely sister in law) of poems from many great poets… Lovely to read a poem every day and to have by your bedside table!
Not a poetry book, but a stunning inspirational book on love, kindness, trust and friendship. Everyone should read this. And you could have it read within the hour.

I also enjoy reading work by Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Carol Ann Duffy, Mary Oliver and William Wordsworth.

So these are just a few from my poetry collection. I love discovering new poets, and also reading from the greats. However, at times it can be hard to get into a poem when you are first introduced to poetry; but taking your time and “feeling” those words just adds to the experience. I also enjoy reading inspirational books to empower you and keeping that cup half full!

Have you read any of these collections/poets? and who are your favourites?

Thank you for taking the time to stop by. Have a lovely day!

By Bernie Egerton

Bernie is a Mindset Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Writer. She helps with stress, confidence, perfectionism and low self-esteem. Helping you to gain clarity in a warm, focused, non judgemental and friendly coaching environment (online). You deserve to feel happier, stronger and confident in your abilities going forward!
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13 replies on “Poetry book reviews”

    Perhaps I can try again with these, though I’m not generally easily pleased because I hate poetry:
I claw through words
growling to rip the meat,
add a soupçon to
a consommé, but
don’t make me
eat my soup in the woods
Like a bear
I hate poetry, because
it’s senseless to be dense
letting forest rangers throw
huh words in a campfire.
What would I want with dense description:
it makes my soup too thick, and
if I burn my tongue,
emotions will be hot
without corn indigestible.
Don’t make me
eat in the woods. My
kingdom for a kitchen table.
Can I just have my
Parmesan cheese, nutty and fine,
not looking for
in the wallpaper, equations for space travel,
’cause I can stare beyond the stars
some other time
after I’ve had
my soup with a spoon that need not be silver like the moon,
a simple spoon, only
large enough not to stew me,
not vaporize ineffables like vegetables
— Douglas Gilbert

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Hey Bernie! These look very interesting – I love The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse! So poetically illustrated and life-affirming to read. I also adore Carol Ann Duffy but I do need to catch up on more poetry! Hope you are well 🙂


Hi Sunra 🙂… Oh yes it really is full of important and uplifting reminders; Charlie Mackesy has such a gift ❤ It’s so good to read a variety when it comes to poetry isn’t it? I’m doing great thank you and hope you’re too, lovely lady 🙂❤


Ah thank you too, equally lovely if not moreso lady! 💕 I’m doing fine 😊. I agree, it’s good to read a variety, though I often flick through more than one book at the same time and forget to finish them!

At the moment, I’m so enjoying Poemcrazy by Susan Wooldridge. I bet you’d love it, it’s packed full of great ideas for poetry exercises and they’re so fun honestly. When I get a chance, I’ll check out some of your recommendations too ❤️☀️


You’re amazin’ m’lady. Wow. There’s no accident in you turning poet. With such repertoire!
The only name on your grand selections is Maya Angelou.
I better learn from you.
I’d need to purchase each book in order to read. My library is scant of English books.
Thanks for sharing these. I’m so impressed with you. Keep doing this. Amazing.

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