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Poetry and growth

So over the past 18 months I’ve fallen in love with reading and writing poetry as a creative outlet. This pandemic has opened my soul up to new experiences and coming out of my comfort zone by sharing my written pieces and also blogging/writing with pure honesty.

I’m so thankful for this and it really has been beneficial to my wellbeing, growth and being more present.

I wrote the following poem in response to a writing prompt from the mum poem press “I choose poetry because” for national poetry day on 7/10/21. It certainly sums up my relationship with poetry.

I choose poetry because…

It reaches the depth of my soul

Pulls on every heart string –

Every avenue is beautiful,

Breathtaking, painful, invigorating

Still, raw and full of growth.

I choose poetry because I had to,

It just happened.

Sometimes words flow; I can’t help it

Sometimes words are harder to find –

I dig deeper

I will choose poetry ” always”

Bernie Egerton

Poetry handbook to learn more about the art

Great poetry handbook to learn more about the art and from Mary Oliver, who was a beautiful poet ❤

Have you discovered poetry during these times and how has your relationship with poetry been? Or what have you discovered as a new hobby?

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts and have a beautiful day ❤🙏

By Bernie Egerton

Bernie is a Mindset Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Writer. She helps with stress, confidence, perfectionism and low self-esteem. Helping you to gain clarity in a warm, focused, non judgemental and friendly coaching environment (online). You deserve to feel happier, stronger and confident in your abilities going forward!
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14 replies on “Poetry and growth”

Absolutely. I have. An accidental poet, really. But gosh … this was the accident I was waiting to happen.
And the more I do it the more I realize how much I like it here. There’s just so much to learn.
Thanks for sharing your poem with me. I can relate. Thanks so much. Keep going, B. Your Lovely words are inspiring. xoxo.

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Same here Selma, accidental poet and so so thankful it just happened. There is so much to learn and I’m enjoying the process so far!Thank you so much for your kind comments and here’s to our journey with poetry 🙂❤

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The exact same here Jeff, not a single poem prior to the pandemic and have written so many since. Just shows you the power of poetry through challenging times. Extremely thankful, as I didn’t get poetry before: oh do I get it now 🙂.. Thank you so much for commenting and have a great week too ❤

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Though I don’t write poetry myself, but I love reading them a lot. They are beautiful bouquet of words and are based on true and honest feeling.
I’m happy that you find the meaning behind those words through poetry.


First off, I love Mary Oliver. “Wild Geese” is a favorite. I didn’t know she had written a poetry handbook. I’ll have to check it out.
In terms of poetry during the pandemic….I wouldn’t say that poetry is completely new to me. I did enjoy writing it and going to poetry workshops / writing groups and getting feedback pre-pandemic. I started my blog mid-pandemic, not intending it to be a poetry blog. However, there is such a huge poetry community on WordPress – responding to the prompts has been fun and brought back some elements of the workshop experience that I had missed.

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Hello there! Oh Wild Geese is one of my favs too… Love that poem so much! The handbook is really good! Being part of poetry writing groups/workshops is really helpful for learning more about the art!! I only started blogging since March and have to say I’m loving the blogging community. Full of supportive like-minded peeps; and great to hear you’re enjoying it😊 Thank you for your lovely feedback/comments!

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I used to write before the pandemic however I stopped writing due to life circumstances changing. My love for reading and writing was rekindled during the pandemic! Now I have so many pieces to share it’s why I began blogging 😊 thank you for sharing the poetry book

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That’s so great you rekindled your relationship with writing again 🙂I only started writing during the pandemic and I’m so thankful I discovered it. And, like yourself started a blog. Welcome to such a lovely/supportive community that is the blogging world and thank you for sharing your lovely comments 🙂


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